Scottish Government Green Party Agreement

On August 20th, 2021, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Green Party announced an agreement to work together in a power-sharing initiative. This agreement marks a significant moment in Scottish politics, as it represents the first time a Green Party has entered government in the UK.

The agreement sees two Green MSPs – Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater – take up ministerial positions within the Scottish Government. The roles they will hold will be Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel, and Tenants’ Rights (Harvie) and Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy, and Biodiversity (Slater).

The Scottish Green Party has long been an advocate for ambitious climate action and environmental protection policies. Their inclusion in government marks a significant step forward towards the Scottish Government`s ambitious climate targets. The Scottish Government has already committed to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, and this agreement will make it easier for them to achieve that goal.

Furthermore, the agreement includes provisions for a Citizens’ Assembly, which will allow Scottish citizens to have a direct say in policy decisions. This is an exciting development for democracy in Scotland, as it represents a shift away from the traditional top-down approach to governance towards a more participatory model.

The Scottish Government also committed to expanding the use of local currencies, such as the Bristol Pound, to boost local economies and encourage more sustainable consumption patterns. This innovative approach to economic development is an exciting sign of the Scottish Green Party`s influence on policy-making.

The agreement between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Green Party is undoubtedly a positive development for Scotland. It demonstrates a shared commitment to ambitious climate policies and a more participatory model of governance. As Scotland`s first Green ministers take up their roles, we can look forward to seeing how their influence shapes Scotland`s environmental and economic policies.